Easy Halloween Party Games for Kids
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Easy Halloween Party Games for Kids

Orange and black decorations, crisp fall temperatures and sugary fall treats highlight most kids’ Halloween parties. No party is complete until you play entertaining party games that fit the theme. Many of the Halloween party games adapt well to different settings and ages, making them ideal for home, the classroom, kids’ groups and neighborhood Halloween parties.

Age Considerations

While many Halloween games work for both younger and older children, the age of the players does play a role in the game selection. Younger children may be afraid of games with a scary theme. Older kids sometimes find basic party games boring. Finding the right balance for the age of kids at the party ensures that all of the guests have an enjoyable time.


The Halloween party location also influences the type of games that work best. A large outdoor area offers plenty of room for active games, such as Halloween-themed tag. Outdoor parties also work well for messy games. Indoor Halloween parties are more likely due to the cooler temperatures at the end of October. A gymnasium or other large room allows you to play some of the same active games indoors. Smaller rooms limit the ability to play running-type games, but there are still plenty of options.

Active Games

Relay races fit well with the Halloween theme. A cone at the opposite end of the playing area marks where the kids must run. One player from each team runs the course and runs back to the starting line so the next person on each team can take a turn. Ideas for relay themes include rolling a pumpkin, carrying candy corn on a spoon and dressing in a Halloween costume before running the course.

Less Active Games

Games that do not involve a lot of action work well in a small room or as a way to calm the kids after the active games. A jar filled with candy corn creates the basis for a guessing game. The child who guesses the closest to the actual number of candy corns in the jar wins. Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern is an easy adaptation for a Halloween party. Another option is a word game that uses “Halloween” or another themed word as the basis. The kids write as many words as possible using the letters in the selected word.


Safety considerations are a significant part of planning the Halloween party games. Costume masks can present a hazard during the more active games if the child cannot see well. Inspecting the playing area before the kids arrive allows you to check for potential hazards. Rules for each game and general conduct during the party, such as no pushing or grabbing other kids, helps keep the young players safe.

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