Diet for Bleeding Ulcers
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Diet for Bleeding Ulcers

An ulcer is a small sore that forms in the stomach lining, the small intestine or the esophagus. Without treatment, it turns into a bleeding ulcer, where the blood gets into the digestive system. One way to treat bleeding ulcers is through following an appropriate diet. Since the sores are in the stomach, the food choices you make can affect the ulcer.


The foods you eat can either help or hinder your ulcer. By following a diet that focuses on eliminating foods that can worsen the pain of your ulcer, you can help to heal it.


A diet for bleeding ulcers should be rich in fiber. Fruits and vegetables especially can help you to heal more quickly. You should eliminate coffee and soda–even decaffeinated versions–as these are acidic and can irritate your stomach and ulcer. Spicy foods, chocolate, meat extracts and black pepper can also cause irritation, so avoid them when possible. Foods with flavonoids may improve your situation.


If you are taking medication for your bleeding ulcers, you may not need to watch your diet unless eating certain foods causes you problems. Additionally, every individual responds differently to various foods. You may find that you tolerate spicy foods quite well, but you cannot eat even a small piece of chocolate without being in agony. Pay attention to your own body, and follow its advice. Stop eating foods that irritate you, no matter how good they taste.


One common misconception about a diet for bleeding ulcers is that it must contain only bland foods because spicy foods can irritate an ulcer. This is not true for everyone. Many people with a bleeding ulcer are still able to eat spicy foods. You simply have to experiment to see what types of foods you can eat.


The most carefully you watch your diet, the less pain you’ll have from your ulcer. You may even notice improvement, especially if you are following the diet along with medicine. If your ulcer goes away, following the same diet can prevent another one from forming.

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