Cool Ideas for a 35th Birthday Party
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Cool Ideas for a 35th Birthday Party

Turning 35 can be a blessing for some and a curse for others. Some people are glad that they have not yet hit 40, while others realize they are halfway through their 30s. No matter what a person’s thoughts are about turning 35, make her birthday a little happier by throwing a party.


A 35th birthday party can be a fancy, adults-only affair, or it can be laid back and feature a mix of children and adult guests. Add a bit of fun and intrigue to the party by making it a surprise. Planning a surprise party will require a bit more maneuvering on your part, though. You will have to come up with a reason why the birthday girl should keep her calendar clear, think of a way to get her to the party and, most importantly, make sure all the guests keep their mouths shut until the big day.

Guest List

A smaller party will usually cost less than a party for 50 guests, unless you plan on taking a small party to an expensive restaurant. The smaller the guest list for a surprise party, the easier it will be to keep everything quiet as well. When settling on the party’s size, decide whether you want guests to bring their children. A deciding factor could be whether the birthday person has children herself as well as when the party is held. You could also hire a babysitter or two to watch the guests’ children during the party.


If you and the guest of honor work together, consider holding a small birthday party for her during your lunch hour in a conference room at your office. Keep in mind that the idea of a workplace birthday party may be off-putting to some. Hold the party at a local park or in someone’s backyard, if the weather allows. If it’s a surprise party, consider throwing it at the birthday person’s house. Have her partner take her out for the day while you set up.


Do some research on the year the birthday girl was born, and plan the party around that. For instance, if she was born in the 1970s, find out what games and music were popular during her birth year and play those at the party. You can also hang up a piece of poster board with a line drawn on it at the party. Write the year of her birth on one end of the line and the current year on the other. Have guests create a time line on the poster board by filling in events from her life.

Food and Drink

Instead of having a large birthday cake, serve cupcakes at the party. They will cut down on your clean up, and you will be able to serve multiple flavors of cake, to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Serve 35 cupcakes and arrange them into the shape of the number 35 to make things cute. If you are going to serve alcohol, stick to either wine or one type of beer so that you don’t have to worry about stocking your bar. Make sure you serve the birthday person’s favorite drink; have non-alcoholic options available as well.

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