16th Birthday Party Ideas
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16th Birthday Party Ideas

Sixteen is the age at which most teens can get their drivers’ licenses, and many people believe that it’s the age at which they become adults. Although it’s often more popular with girls, a Sweet 16 birthday party can celebrate the occasion. Whether you want to do something that’s more low-key or spend a lot of money on a formal affair, you can throw a great party for your child.


Traditionally, 16 was the age at which girls became adults and eligible for marriage, and parents would take their decisions more seriously. The idea of a Sweet 16 party for girls mimics the Mexican quinceanera, a party for the girl who turns 15. The party may feature elements that show her growing into a woman, such as exchanging a pair of flat shoes for a pair of high heels or having a special dance with her father.


A 16th birthday party can be anything you want it to be. If you’re throwing a true Sweet 16 party, you may want to have a more formal event, including a sit-down dinner and dancing. However, you can also have a simple family night out, a sleepover party, or a co-ed party. A boy may enjoy having the party at an outside location, such as a game center or a paint ball facility.


As your child is starting to become more grown-up, you can use him in the planning of the party. Ask for his input in all areas–from invitations to location to food. You could even give him a budget and allow him to do all the planning. This ensures that he’ll have the exact party he wants.


A 16th birthday party should feature many of the same things that you’d have at other birthday parties–food and fun. However, it’s the coming-of-age theme that really makes it stand out. Because of this, your child may want to hold a more grown-up of party–even if it’s something at home that doesn’t cost a lot.


The MTV show “My Super Sweet 16” features extravagant coming-of-age parties thrown by wealthy parents. The parties that your child may see on this show cost thousands of dollars. This type of show sets up an ideal as the norm, and your child may be expecting something similar for her birthday. If this is a far cry from what you had in mind, it’s best to talk with your child openly about her expectations.

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