Hair-Thickening Products for Men
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Hair-Thickening Products for Men

Thinning hair affects many men, especially as they age. While some men tend to lose their hair over time, others experience thin hair from birth. Keeping your hair looking thick and attractive requires a style that helps increase hair volume, as well as products designed to create the appearance of thicker hair. Thin hair on men tends to look flat and oily or wispy. Certain products can treat thinning hair and help it appear thicker and fuller.

Volumizing Shampoo

Switch out your old shampoo with a formula designed to create fuller locks. Volumizing shampoos contain wheat proteins or rice, ingredients that boost the volume of individual strands of hair. Wash your hair daily with your volumizing shampoo to remove oils and pollutants that can make your hair look flat. Wash gently and rinse until you remove all traces of shampoo. Many brands contain product lines just for men, providing enjoyable scents that refrain from smelling too floral or dainty.


A small amount of mousse increases the fullness of thinning areas of hair. Many men shy away from using mousse, due to the extreme volume it can produce. However, used correctly, this product can create fullness without making you look like you borrowed your wife’s wig. Apply a small amount, about the size of a pea, to areas of your scalp that contain the least amount of hair. Gently rub the small dollop across your dampened hair, working it into the entire length of your strands. Apply a warm stream of hair from a blow dryer to help the mousse lift your hair and increase fullness.


A solution that may actually promote hair growth, minoxidil also helps prevent your hair from shedding, creating a thicker head of hair. This product comes in two different strengths to treat a range of thinning problems. While some men don’t notice an increase in the thickness of their hair or a decrease in the progression of their balding, others show noticeable improvements. Treatment with this over-the-counter product may begin helping within a few months, but it may take as long as one year to stabilize hair loss. Apply this to a clean scalp, according to the product instructions.

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