Fun Holiday Make-It-Yourself Games for Kids
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Fun Holiday Make-It-Yourself Games for Kids

If cabin fever is settling in deeply among your family members, consider putting together some make-it-yourself games to give your children or others you know for the holidays. Instead of handing them a battery-operated toy that entertains for a short time and get boring, give them games they must create and decorate themselves before they can play. It means twice as much entertainment and twice as much quiet time for you.


When you put together this personalized gift for your children, you will need to include some necessities. If you want your kids to be able to create more than one game, give them each a small dry erase board. For a permanent game, give them a wooden or paper mâché box. With a permanent marker or paint, draw the basic outlines of a game board, such as a tic-tac-toe design or a checkerboard. Don’t forget some buttons or other small discs for markers.


The fun part about this game is the personalization your kids can give it. Include a special set of stamps, shaped buttons, stickers or other decorating materials. Small toys, such as cars, can also work for certain kids’ interests. Check out your local craft store for small wooden or ceramic figures. Give your child some acrylic paint to decorate the board and their game pieces.


Many of the classic board gamers can be used for a make-it-yourself game idea. For instance, tic-tac-toe can follow any theme or interest your child has. Just draw the nine squared grid on the board. Let your child decorate the board and create two kinds of markers, one for each player. The same can be done with bingo, checkers, chess, Chinese checkers and other favorites.


The personalization your child can give his game is limited only by his interests and the items you give him. If he enjoys drawing and creating something himself, give him plain markers, such as round cardboard disks, and let him go for it. If your child requires more inspiration, look for little pieces she can paint her favorite colors.

Pass It On

If your family is getting antsy, others probably are, too. Give this gift to your nephews, nieces, grandchildren and friends. Include a list of directions to guide the kids and their parents in creating this personal game. You may even want to include some markers and accessories that coordinate with the holiday to help the family celebrate.

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