Scalp Acne & Hair Loss
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Scalp Acne & Hair Loss

Acne is troublesome when it’s on your face, but it’s especially frustrating when it appears on your scalp and in and among your hair follicles. While you are concentrating on this problem, you may notice your hair falling out in your hands when brushing, combing or washing. These two may be connected or they may not. Either way, you can treat the cause of these frustrating problems.


If you are noticing hair loss and scalp acne, as well as facial acne, you may be experiencing a rare disease called hirsutism, or male-pattern baldness in women. This disease may also come with other symptoms, such as facial hair, voice changes and changes in your menstrual cycle. These symptoms, as well as hair loss and scalp acne, could be a result of hirsutism.


Hirsutism is caused by a change in your hormonal levels. If you start having these symptoms, you should visit your medical practitioner and explain your situation. The doctor may prescribe a hormonal treatment that can help balance out your hormone levels, slowing down or stopping the progression of hair loss and acne. This treats the cause of the problem, leading to lasting results.


Not all sufferers of both hair loss and scalp acne have hirsutism. For some people and at some times, hair loss and scalp acne can be normal problems, unassociated with one another. Hair loss can occur after pregnancy, during certain treatments, and in the midst of a stressful or traumatic experience. Scalp acne can come as a result of stress, too much fat in your diet or poor hygiene.

What to Do

If your hair loss comes as a result of a specific incident, you can rest knowing that it will come back to its old thickness in no time. Scalp acne can be treated with regular washing, especially with shampoos designed to address acne. If you use conditioners, styling products and sprays, choose oil-free options. Keep your brushes, combs and styling products clean.

What to Avoid

Essential oil massages are a common treatment to stimulate and encourage the follicles in the scalp to grow hair. However, pushing oil into the scalp could aggravate the acne, by plugging pores and pressing oil into the pores. Instead, give yourself a daily dry scalp massage. Using your fingers or a bristle brush, carefully scrub your scalp, moving in a circular pattern.

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