Healthy Meals on the Go
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Healthy Meals on the Go

Between work, play and family time, it may seem that there is never a moment to spare to grab a nutritious meal. Instead of allowing your on-the-go schedule to send you through the drive-in, consider some healthy meals that you can grab and go. These options are nutrient-packed and calorie-light, making them a wise choice for on-the-go moms and their families.

Morning Kick Smoothie

Start your day healthy with a morning smoothie. Toss some fat-free yogurt, a few ice cubes, and your favorite fresh or frozen fruits into a blender. Mix up the concoction and pour it into a to-go cup. As you head off to work or take the kids to school, you can sip your healthy breakfast.

Lean Wraps

Wraps are easy to make and easy to munch on, even on the go. Wrap some lean meats and reduced-fat cheeses in low-fat pita or flat bread wraps. Slather on some mustard or reduced-fat mayonnaise to give these sandwiches a kick without a calorie punch. These on-the-go meal components don’t even require a plate.

Grab-and-Go Waffles

Toaster waffles provide a fast and healthy meal option any time of day. Look for whole grain waffles, as these options have more nutrients than the bleached flour varieties. Before running out the door, toast up your waffles. Top them with a little reduced-fat peanut butter or sugar-free jelly. These sweet treats feel decadent, but they are actually quite nutritious, allowing moms to trick their families into eating healthy.

Micro-Steamed Veggies

Making a healthy, warm veggie delight doesn’t require much time, or a stove. Wash and cut some veggies, and place them in serving-sized storage containers. When you are in need of a quick and healthy meal, pop open one of your containers and add a few tablespoons of water. Microwave your prepped veggie meal for three to five minutes.

Mid-Day Microwave Meals

Reduced-fat microwave meals are a wise choice for moms who want to eat healthy but have absolutely no time left to focus on food preparation. Pick up some reduced-fat meals from your grocer’s freezer section, and stow them away in your home or work freezer to ensure you always have something healthy you can grab in an instant.

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