How to Lose Weight the Right Way & Keep It Off
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How to Lose Weight the Right Way & Keep It Off

There are many ways you can lose weight, but not all methods are created equal. Some weight loss methods, while effective in the short term, do not necessarily lead to long-term weight loss. Starvation diets and other limiting plans may get you fitting into those skinny jeans, but as soon as you let some food pass your lips, you will grow right back out of them. To make sure your weight loss is long lasting, lose weight using proper methods.

Step 1

Feed your body instead of starving yourself. The Diet Channel cautions dieters not to give up on food entirely as they attempt to lose weight. If you do so, your body may move into starvation mode. Instead, focus on using food as a fuel and selecting food that is nutritious and delicious.

Step 2

Change your diet gradually. Instead of attempting to change your entire way of eating overnight, make modifications slowly. Start by introducing more vegetables, then add in some fruits. Move away from complex carbs, then abandon fried foods. By making modifications slowly, you make it easier for yourself to acclimate yourself to your new diet.

Step 3

Swap foods instead of eliminating them. Eat the same quantities of food, just change the types of food you elect to eat. Instead of standard potato chips, allow yourself the baked variety instead. Instead of donuts for breakfast, try a granola bar. By doing this, you ensure you don’t become overly hungry while still working to reduce your waistline.

Step 4

Adopt diet changes that you can maintain. To be effective, your diet must be an ongoing thing, not a temporary effort. Don’t commit yourself to a diet completely devoid of any luxuries, but, instead, cut back on the frequency with which you indulge. By doing this, you can craft eating habits that you can stick to well into the future.

Step 5

Engage in a moderate amount of exercise that you can fit into your daily schedule. For exercise to become habitual, you must do it regularly. Set aside time in your daily schedule, and fill it with physical activity. Stick to your plan so that you don’t gradually stop your exercise efforts.

Step 6

Use your clothing as weight indicators. Instead of relying on the scale to keep you on track, pay attention to the way your favorites jeans fit when you slip them on. By using this as an indicator, you can stay on track without having to take that scary step onto the scale each day.

Step 7

Remain attentive to weight gain, and respond immediately. If you notice that your pants don’t quite fit as comfortably as they once did, do something about it. Up your exercise slightly, or cut back on your indulgences until they fit as they once did.

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