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How to Lose Weight With Fast Foods

Weight loss is simple–you need to take in fewer calories than you use if you want to see the weight drop off. Unfortunately, doing this usually involves counting calories, cooking healthy foods and avoiding many of your favorite foods. You may feel that you are too busy to make the commitment you need to lose weight. Though most fast-food restaurants are filled with foods that are high-calorie shockers, you can actually eat fast foods and still lose weight.

Step 1

Determine how many calories you should eat to lose weight. “Shape” suggests taking the number of the weight that you want to be and multiplying it by 13 if you are inactive, 15 if you exercise a few times a week and 20 if you exercise an hour a day every day. You should aim to eat around this number of calories every day, dividing it up into different meals. For example, if you are inactive and your goal weight is 130, then you should eat around 1,690 calories per day, which gives you about 400 calories per meal plus two 250-calorie snacks.

Step 2

Download the menus from your favorite fast-food restaurants. You can usually find nutritional information on the company’s website.

Step 3

Highlight items that are low in calories and fat. Look for foods that fit within your meal’s calorie range. If the fast-food choices don’t fit into the range, do not order them. Grilled chicken or fish, salads and sandwiches on whole-grain bread are often safe bets.

Step 4

Purchase healthy foods as snacks. For example, when you’re at the deli buying your sandwich for lunch, pick up an apple or banana to enjoy as an afternoon snack.

Step 5

Choose water or another low-calorie beverage. Water is the best choice when you are trying to lose weight, but you could also drink a diet soda if you feel the need for something bubbly at a fast-food restaurant. Whatever you do, avoid the sugary sodas, which can add hundreds of calories to your meal.

Step 6

Stick to your plan. Consistency is the key to succeeding in weight loss. You need to continue to eat only the foods at fast-food restaurants that fit within your calorie plan.


  • Avoid fried foods when trying to lose weight while eating fast foods. Fried foods are significantly higher in calories than your other choices.

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