The Best Activity to Lose Weight
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The Best Activity to Lose Weight

When you make the decision to finally work off those extra pounds you’ve been carrying for too long, the exercise choices may seem overwhelming. You could go to the gym, join an exercise class or buy a treadmill. The options seem endless. If you are going to do this, you want the one exercise that can promise some weight loss. Otherwise, it’s just not worth the effort.

The Right Type

The gym and the workout department of the sporting good stores offer dozens of exercise plans. From strength training to aerobic workouts, you will find a host of opportunities and just as many promises. However, your best choice when you want to lose weight is cardiovascular exercise. It’s best to get your heart pumping by moving major muscle groups for an extended period of time. In this way, you burn lots of calories, stored in the fat around your body.

The One For You

You definitely need to choose an aerobic, cardiovascular exercise to shed the pounds that cling to your sides, but the specific type you choose is up to you. Choose an exercise that you genuinely enjoy doing. If you hate getting your hair wet, swimming isn’t the choice for you, no matter how many benefits it promises. If you find jogging too dull, you may choose dancing or aerobics to be more creative and exciting.

The Right Place

The gym is not made for everyone. If the idea of everyone watching you makes you quiver, you won’t continue too long. Stick with a treadmill run or aerobics DVD instead. If you love to be outdoors, run through your neighborhood or a well-lit, well-visited local park. Go to a place that makes you happy. This will make your routine less like work, and more like an oasis.

The Right Time

Choose a time of day that works best for you, to guarantee the ongoing progress of weight loss. If it starts to become a hassle or too inconvenient, you are likely to set it aside. If you need to get it out of the way in the morning, do it before everyone else wakes up. If the afternoon is better, enjoy the extra energy that comes later in the day and push yourself harder to peel off those pounds.

The Others

If you have the motivation to work alone, go for it. If not, find someone on your team who has similar weight loss goals. You can encourage one another and keep each motivated.

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