Healthy Meals for Big Families
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Healthy Meals for Big Families

Feeding a large family can be time-consuming, which makes it tempting to toss together several processed foods and serve it up. However, this goes against your desire to keep your family healthy. Preparing healthy foods for a large family takes organization and planning, and you will feel better about what you are serving those that you love.

Whole-Grain Breads

Putting a loaf of whole-grain bread and a dish of butter on the table will stretch any meal while at the same time providing nutrients, fiber and vitamins. Having everybody eating a slice with the main course will provide feelings of fullness and reduce hunger later on because the fiber in the bread takes longer to digest.


Preparing a large pot of homemade soup and serving it as a first course for dinner or a main course with some crusty bread for lunch can satisfy the hunger of a large family. Add plenty of vegetables, cream base or broth to the soup so that it is satisfying.

Egg Whites

Using three egg whites to every one egg yolk in large pots of scrambled eggs will allow you to feed a large number of people without a large amount of fat and cholesterol. Incorporating sliced vegetables and some whole-grain bread into the meal can turn this breakfast into a healthy lunch without breaking the bank.

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