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How to Make a Homemade Chart for Potty Training

If you only you could get your child potty trained, then you can stop hauling wipes around with you, tying up dirty diapers into trash bags and changing diapers on demand. You can also get your child into that preschool that requires him to be potty trained. Whether he is showing no interest or you need a system, you can create a potty training chart that will motivate you and your child to get on board the potty training program.

Step 1

Lay the ruler on your posterboard to draw lines with the marker. Draw a horizontal line 1 inch from the top. Write your child’s name and your name for the system, such as “Potty Chart,” on the line.

Step 2

Fill the rest of the posterboard with horizontal lines 1/2-inch under the first one and all the way down.

Step 3

Write the days of your potty training on the lines, starting with today or the first day of the program. Draw a vertical line all the way down the posterboard after the dates.

Step 4

Hang the chart on the refrigerator with a magnet or the wall with thumbtacks. Place a sticker on the date line of the current day each time your child successfully uses the toilet.

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