Adult Couple Costume Ideas
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Adult Couple Costume Ideas

If you and your partner have somewhere to go on Halloween, find a costume that expresses your personalities and sets you apart as a couple. A couple costume works well whether your partner is excited about dressing up or not. If he is feeling nervous, he can rely on your excitement. If he wants to get a little more involved, he can add some flair to his part of the outfit.


Head to your closet. You can play off your or your husband’s career, using uniforms and daily wear. Think of doctors and nurses, pilots and flight attendants, businessmen and secretaries, and others. It may take nothing more than his business suit and your pencil skirt and blouse. You can also play off your family life. Dirty sweats with milk stains and crazy hair can be the perfect “parents of toddlers” outfits. Add some diapers and pull ups for a potty training variation. New parents might enjoy this, with mascara running and pacifiers in pockets, for the exhausted look. It’s a great excuse to eat more snacks. After all, you are new parents who don’t have time to eat. Sports parents probably have dozens of team shirts, hats, pendants, signs and other memorabilia. Don your best sports fan outfits, and go as a soccer mom and dad. If your child has left the nest, show up with collegiate sweatshirts and wings or beaks. You are now empty nesters.


One popular option is to go to the party or from door-to-door as a famous couple. There are dozens of famous couples that cover newsstands, television and movie screens and literature pages. Dress up as your favorite couple. You might have to search out a wig, costume or set of accessories, especially if your couple is on television or in the movies. Visually iconic couples, such as the president and his wife, require you to wear exactly what they did wear or may have worn. Couples in history or books allow you to be a little more creative. Few people know exactly what Cleopatra and Antony, George Washington and Martha, or biblical couples, actually wore. Get creative. Show off your political interest, fashion sense or trend awareness by choosing a couple in the news.

Hand In Hand

If you enjoy creating a personal outfit, or have the time and energy to do so, you can make a pair of costumes that are perfectly matched. Think of items in the world that go together either figuratively or literally. A sock and shoe, a bird and worm, an apple and an orange, or bees and a honey pot are just the start of dozens of options that always come together.

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