Halloween Games for Older Kids
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Halloween Games for Older Kids

If you are hosting a party or keeping your kids entertained on that frightful night, plan some new, creative games your kids haven’t played yet. Older kids are ready for more than another dunk in the barrel of apples. Plan some games for the holiday that will get them screeching with laughter and fun.

Under the Cover of Darkness

Older kids are ready for spooky games played after the sun goes down. A safe backyard is the best place to play. Clear the yard of anything kids could trip over or fall into, and make sure that it is a secure area as kids can lose their sense of space and direction and wander off. Give each kid a flashlight, and turn off all the lights so that the backyard is especially dark. Let them play variations of hide-and-seek and tag, spotting one another with their flashlights. Make sure there are plenty of adults on hand to maintain control and safety.

Who Dun It?

As kids’ logic and reason skills develop, they will love to play detective games. Many detective board games would be perfect to have on hand around the Halloween holiday. Kids can play while waiting to go trick-or-treating or for friends to arrive to the Halloween party. At the party, older kids will love a murder mystery that lasts throughout the event. In the end, reveal the criminal and listen to the shrieks of “I knew it!”

A-Maze-Ing Games

If you are ready to the pack the car and head out for an afternoon of fun, bring kids to a local pumpkin patch or farm and challenge them to a race through the corn maze. Let older kids go by themselves, but insist that they stick together in pairs or teams. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, purchase some hay bales and cornstalks. Create a maze of your own in the backyard. Older kids might even want to help with the design.

Spooky Scavenger

Instead of handing out candy and treats freely at your party, make the kids work for it. Put together a story and list of clues that may be involved a crime committed or treasure buried in the backyard. The kids will be entertained for hours as they uncover clues and search through the backyard graveyard for the treasure.

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