Halloween Games & Party Ideas
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Halloween Games & Party Ideas

The costumes, jack-o-lanterns and candy corn are a sure sign that Halloween is near. Planning a kid-friendly party that keeps the kids grinning means you’ll need lots of entertaining party games and activities. The games work well, whether you’re in charge of a classroom Halloween party, a playgroup bash or a neighborhood pumpkin fest.

Candy Corn Relay

Candy corn works for more than just a sugar high at your Halloween party. The small candies can become the focus of a relay race, recommends the Celebrations website. Each team needs a small bowl of candy corn, an empty bowl and a spoon. The bowl with candy corn is at one end of the room and the empty bowl is at the other. One team member at a time scoops up some candy corn with the spoon and carries it to the empty bowl. Dropping candy corn along the way means going back to the starting line to try again. For younger kids, have them pick up the candy corn and continue on with the relay to save on time. The first team to transport all its candy corn to the opposite end wins the relay.

Costume Contest

Halloween costumes are a standard item at a kids’ party. Make use of those costumes by hosting a costume contest. Each child gets a chance to show off her costume by parading across the front of the room. Designate two or three adults to judge the contest, or give each child an award. Ideas for multiple awards include most creative, funniest or scariest costume.

Pumpkin Pop

For a more creative way to hand out party favors, place them inside orange balloons to resemble pumpkins. This activity works best for candy or small favors because they need to fit through the opening in the balloon. Once the favors are inside, blow up the balloons and tie them as usual. The kids take turns popping the orange balloons to retrieve the prizes.

Pumpkin Goop Prizes

Another creative way to hand out favors is to bury them in pumpkin goop. This is only recommended for plastic items, such as Halloween rings, that won’t get ruined by the pumpkin goop. Dig out the insides of a few pumpkins and place it in bowls. Hide the favors in the goop. The kids take turns digging through the pumpkin goop to retrieve the favors.

Craft Station

For a slower-paced activity, set up a Halloween craft station at the party. The Amazing Moms website recommends mask decorating with paper plates as the base of the mask. Other simple ideas include painting pumpkins and stringing orange and black beads to make necklaces or bracelets.

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