Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas
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Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Many moms prepare meals for their families daily, ensuring that their brood has the sustenance necessary to make it through the day. Mother’s Day is a great time to reverse this norm and to prepare a breakfast for the mother in your life. By making a tasty and thoughtful breakfast meal, you can convey to your mom just how important and how appreciated she is.

Personalized Pancakes

Dress up pancakes for your mom. Mix up a general pancake batter recipe, and spoon some of the mixture into a hot skillet. While one side cooks, carefully place fruit or chocolates on the other side to spell out a message or create a symbol. Flip the decorated pancake rapidly to cook your design into the opposite side. If flipping is beyond your skills, simplify the process by cooking your pancakes and arranging your additives on top of the cooked pancakes, pressing them into place.

Diet Friendly Alternatives

If your mom is an avid calorie watcher, respect her dieting ways by preparing a breakfast that is both tasty and nutritious. Instead of syrupy or greasy options like French toast or bacon, prepare freshly cut fruits, low-fat muffins and reduced-fat yogurts for your mom. These light breakfast options will allow her to start her day off right on Mother’s Day without undoing all her dieting efforts.

Coffee House Treats

Many moms delight in starting their day with coffee. On Mother’s Day, present her with an elevated coffee option by preparing a coffee house treat. Purchase flavored syrups and other coffee concoction ingredients. Not only will this treat be appreciated, you will also provide her with the tools necessary to whip up these tasty drinks on less-special days as well.

Customized Plates

Serve your Mother’s Day treats up on custom plates. To make long-lasting plates, visit a paint-your-own pottery studio, and make an assortment of plates to use in your Mother’s Day breakfast presentation. If you have neither the time nor the money for this potentially expensive option, purchase paper plates and use permanent markers to decorate the rims, creating thoughtful disposable serving tools.

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