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Potted Plants for Mother’s Day

Your Mother’s Day gift list grows each year as your friends, family members and colleagues journey into motherhood. Finding the perfect gift for each woman can be both costly and time-consuming, as you try to select a gift to fit each woman’s interests. Go “green” this Mother’s Day and give the moms in your life with inexpensive potted plants.

Benefits of a Potted Green Plant

Eco-friendly and easily incorporated into any home, office or garden décor, potted plants are a gift idea that both young and mature mothers can enjoy. They take less maintenance than a garden, but they can provide an attractive décor with the power to transform a home or outdoor space. While traditional flower bouquets are appealing to the eyes, they often don’t last as long as potted plants. A symbol of growth, potted plants are a gift mothers can treasure for many seasons to come.

Maintenance and Care Considerations

Each potted plant is different and requires a different level of maintenance and care. Before giving the moms in your life a potted plant, consider their schedules, knowledge and experience with plants and gardening. Temperature and climate are also considerations that can affect that maintenance and care of an outdoor potted plant.

Shopping For a Potted Plant

Potted plants are easy to track down and may be as close as your own backyard. Give your mom with a plant straight from your garden, or visit a local nursery or florist to make your potted plant purchase. You can also order them online through sites such as 1-800-Flowers and ProFlowers for moms who live out-of-state.

Types of Potted Plants

From aloe plants to spice or herb plants, you can select a different plant for each mom in your life. If you are looking for a plant that’s both attractive and rated as a top air purifying plant by NASA, select a potted plant from the palm family, such as the areca, lady, dwarf date, or bamboo palms. Other selections include the rubber plant, Ficus alii, dracaena, English ivy, the Boston fern or the Peace lily.

Presenting The Plant To Mom

Dress your potted plant gift up by selecting or decorating a container to hold the it. Use paint to give the plant’s pot some color, adding polka dots or stripes to give it a decorative look. Include the names of the mom’s children, a special quote about a mother’s love, a religious scripture about moms or catchphrases the mom you’re honoring typically uses. Dot Com Women, an online resource for woman, suggests decorating a potted plant by wrapping it in cellophane and adding a bow.

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