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How to Diet While Breastfeeding

With your little one needing to eat every few hours, you probably have lots of time to sit and think. You think about how much weight you want to lose now that the baby is here. You think about how this constant sitting isn’t really helping the weight loss process. If you want to lose some of the baby weight while breastfeeding, you need to be smart about your diet choices. Eating healthy will guarantee that you and your baby will get the nutrition you need, while still allowing the weight to come off.

Step 1

Make yourself a large batch of soup that is full of vegetables, as well as a lean protein, such as poultry or seafood. Fill the soup with kale, spinach and other hearty, nutritious vegetables. Store the soup in small containers and freeze them so you can thaw them one at a time. You may want to make a variety so you can diversify your meals.

Step 2

Take a single soup out the night before and place in the refrigerator to thaw. Warm it the next day and pour it into a thermos. When your nursing baby has you held hostage to the couch, sip on your nutritious soup to stay well-fed and hydrated.

Step 3

Keep a bottle full of water with you at all times. As your body recovers from birth and your baby drinks, you will need additional liquids. Sometimes, thirst is mistaken for hunger, and you end up eating too many calories. Drink water often to avoid this.

Step 4

Keep a bowl of fruit nearby. You only need 300 to 500 additional calories per day, so those brownies and cookies are only going to contribute to the weight. Munch on fruit when you have sweet cravings throughout the day to limit those extra calories and fill yourself with nutrients.

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