How to Get Pregnant After a Husband’s Vasectomy
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How to Get Pregnant After a Husband’s Vasectomy

Even if your husband has had a vasectomy, a surgical procedure that cuts off the vas deferens, so that a man’s sperm will not mix into his semen, you can still attempt to get pregnant. One way is to have him reverse the procedure. This option, however, can be expensive and usually requires another surgery. Some vasectomies cannot be reversed. Another way to get pregnant after a vasectomy is to use sperm from a donor or to use sperm that your husband may have saved in a sperm bank before his operation.

Step 1

Choose the sperm you will use. You may be able to use your husband’s if he has stored any. You may also wish to use an anonymous donor or the donation of a close friend.

Step 2

Monitor your ovulation. To get pregnant, your body needs to release an egg to be fertilized. Your doctor can use an ultrasound to monitor you or you may be able do so at home using a kit. You may also have to take a fertility drug to release more eggs, to increase your chance of becoming pregnant, according to Baby Center.

Step 3

Go to the doctor’s office or a hospital the day after you begin ovulating. To put the sperm into your uterus, your doctor will insert a catheter through your vagina and into your uterus. According to, the sperm is injected through the catheter into your uterus.

Step 4

Lie down for several minutes after the procedure to make sure the sperm does not fall out. You can go about your day within an hour of the procedure.

Step 5

Take a pregnancy test two weeks after the insemination. You need to wait to take the test to avoid the chance of a false negative or false positive, according to

Step 6

Repeat the procedure if you do not become pregnant right away. According to Baby Center, you have between a 5 and 20 percent chance of getting pregnant from artificial insemination.

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