How to Potty Train in One Weekend
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How to Potty Train in One Weekend

That’s it. You’ve had enough of changing poopy diapers and hauling a change of diapers and wipes with you wherever you go. If you are sick of all the diapers filling your trash cans, it might be time for a weekend toilet training. This immediate intervention will launch your family into a diaper-free world by quickly introducing the concept to your child. Just be aware, you will now be at the toilet demands of a toddler.

Step 1

Look over your family calendar and choose a free weekend, one where you have absolutely no plans. Mark the weekend as your potty training weekend, and don’t plan anything else.

Step 2

Throw out all the diapers your child knows about. You may have some in the garage or attic, but don’t let your child know. Make a big deal about how grown up your child is now and how he doesn’t need diapers. Present him with his new underwear and help him get started.

Step 3

Set up activities in the backyard or kitchen, any place that is not carpeted. As a family, enjoy playing together and creating crafts. Whenever your child shows signs of needing to use the bathroom, have everyone go to the bathroom to help. Make this an exciting time that everyone participates in.

Step 4

Serve meals full of soups and fruit that will provide additional liquids to your child. Make a special drink or two to serve. Clean up an accidents promptly, without any harsh criticism. Encourage your child to sit on the toilet as you clean up and tell him, “It’s OK. We will try again next time.” Allow the accidents to make your child feel physically uncomfortable.

Step 5

Cheer, dance and sing whenever your child makes it to the bathroom in time to motivate him to keep trying.

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