Cheap Costume Ideas
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Cheap Costume Ideas

Dressing up for a costume party can be a great deal of fun, but if the budget is short, it can also be stressful to determine what you want to be for the evening. With some imagination and some household items, you can delight everyone at the party when you make your grand entrance.

Pile of Laundry

A pile of laundry costume can be especially good in areas of the nation where the temperature is cool. Using safety pins, attach clothing all over a T-shirt and a pair of pants. Be sure to cover every inch of visible cloth on your outfit so that when you put it on you will truly resemble a load of laundry.


You can dress as a loud and tacky tourist if you have a camera, a hat and some maps. You can wear loud clothing, with the camera around your neck. Place the maps in your shirt pocket sticking out and spend the entire party asking people for directions to the nearest tourist attraction.

Humor is Cheap

There are many ideas that cost little and will get laughs. To dress as a quarter pounder, you can keep a quarter in your pocket and carry a hammer in your hand. If you decide instead to dress up as blackmail, you simply have to wear black pants and a black shirt and tape an enlarged photo of a postage stamp across your chest. For those who love television dressing up as a lost remote control can be fun. To do this, find two old couch cushions and using rope to act like suspenders, attach the rope to each cushion and hang them on your front and back like a sandwich board.

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