Cool Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens
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Cool Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens

Valentine’s Day tends to be a favorite holiday to celebrate with loved ones, including teenagers. There are numerous affordable gift options available that your teen might consider cool, whether you’re contemplating a gift to purchase for your teen or helping your teen choose a gift for one of her friends or her boyfriend.


Most teenagers–particularly girls–like jewelry, whether it’s a novelty necklace or ring. Jewelry purchased for a teenager is rarely expensive and diamond-studded. Purchase jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift, staying within a budget that is affordable to you. A mother-daughter ring, bracelet, anklet or necklace pendant is typically affordable and can become a treasured possession if you’re close. A boy might get his teenage girlfriend a locket with their picture inside or a novelty heart-shaped piece with their birthstones or a simple “I love you” inscribed. Dog tags work for a boy or girl and can be personalized with images or messages. If you are set on getting a teenage boy a piece of jewelry, consider a key he can hang from his chain inscribed with “You have the key to my heart” or a similar sentiment.

Edible Gifts

Edible gifts work for teenage boys and girls. Most teenage boys find any candy or snack cool, and as the old saying goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Bake a batch of his favorite cookies in heart shapes and write messages on each one with frosting. Decorate a bag or keepsake box and fill it with his favorite candies, particularly if they’re heart-shaped. Whimsical key chains, sunglasses and watches are other gifts that can be affordable and cool for a teen. Novelty candies, such as a huge gummy bear or chocolate lips, can tie the candy into the holiday.


Teenagers are notoriously known for enjoying their electronic gadgets. Give your teen an affordable gadget or accessories for a gadget he already has. Hand-held video games, gamer points or games for the teen’s favorite game system will definitely earn “cool” points while being affordable. If an actual game or new cell phone is out of the budget, consider a new skin for his laptop, game system or a new jewel-encrusted phone case. Heart-shaped jewels or a Valentine’s Day message, such as “I love you” or “Forever yours,” would be fitting for a teenage love interest.

Useful Gifts

Useful gifts that fit into the teen’s lifestyle are fitting, and it will likely be appreciated. Give her gift cards for her favorite store or the local movie theater if she’s always making plans to go to the movies with friends. Purchase a wallet, purse or backpack in pink or red, or one that has hearts or lipstick kisses all over it. Opt for a mother-daughter movie night with your teen by giving her red-colored popcorn in a huge red or pink bucket filled with her favorite movie snacks and the latest DVD you know she wants. The same idea can easily work for a teen couple.

Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts are common for Valentine’s Day, and it might be considered cool by the teen in your life. Most teen boys might shy away from these things, particularly in public. Many teen girls, on the other hand, might just melt. For example, you might try a candle or candle holder with “XOXO” or the couples’ names painted on should be red or pink.

Signs that proclaim your love or spell out a message, such as “Happy Valentine’s Day” or simply “LOVE” can decorate her dresser or shelf and make her smile each time she sees it. Large stuffed animals are a classic Valentine’s Day gift that can work alone, especially with a handwritten card or poem, or as a backup with another gift.

Romantically involved teens might be wowed by a rolled up message in a bottle with a key dangling inside. Have the bottle inscribed with the message “You have the key to my heart” or hang a tag from the neck of the key before slipping it inside the bottle. Sand and seashells can accompany the note.

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