About the MiracleBurn Diet
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About the MiracleBurn Diet

Losing weight can be a struggle but there are many products on the market that promise to make it a little easier. One such product, MiracleBurn, is a popular over-the-counter weight loss aid designed to curb your appetite and reduce cravings. If you are thinking about trying the MiracleBurn, check with your doctor.

How It Works

The active ingredients in MiracleBurn are purported to have appetite-suppressing properties. By taking two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach and one more capsule in the afternoon, MiracleBurn users may experience a feeling of fullness throughout the day and fewer food cravings. As an added bonus, one of MiracleBurn’s key ingredients also works as a stimulant. This stimulating effect may result in higher activity levels, helping you to burn even more calories.

Ingredients in MiracleBurn

MiracleBurn contains two well-known weight loss supplements–hoodia and bitter orange. Hoodia is an African plant that is believed to suppress the appetite. Its use as an appetite suppressant was first documented in 1937, though some studies suggest that only the fresh hoodia plant contains these properties and not the powdered form available in weight loss aids. Bitter orange is an extract that works as a stimulant. While that may help you to feel more energetic, it may also increase your heart rate and elevate your blood pressure.

Diet and Exercise

Unfortunately, there is no escaping the fact that you will have to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly if you are going to lose weight. Simply put, you must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight–no pill can change that. However, the appetite suppressing and stimulating effects of products like MiracleBurn may make it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle because you may find that you are less hungry and have more energy.

Potential Side Effects

MiracleBurn, like most other weight loss products, has the potential for side effects. Because the supplement is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, very few studies have been done on its effectiveness or safety. Some studies have been done on MiracleBurn’s active ingredients. Research has indicated that Hoodia could cause liver damage, unsafe drops in blood sugar levels (particularly for diabetics) and even dehydration because it may suppress thirst. Bitter orange, as noted previously, may cause increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Potential Side Effects

Because there has not been enough research to verify MiracleBurn’s safety, pregnant and nursing women should not use MiracleBurn. Due to its potential side effects, people with liver damage, diabetes, heart problems, or high blood pressure should also avoid taking this weight loss aid. In addition, the product’s manufacturer also cautions people with thyroid disease, depression or other psychiatric condition, glaucoma, difficulty in urinating, prostate enlargement, seizure disorder or anyone taking any prescription drug not to use MiracleBurn.

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