Herbal Cures for Low Sex Drive
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Herbal Cures for Low Sex Drive

Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, many people — both male and female — suffer from a low sex drive. There are a number of prescription drugs to treat sexual dysfunction, but these may be costly and come with unwanted side effects. There are many natural remedies that claim to improve sexual function — but how do you know which ones work and which ones don’t?


Ginseng is a superstar among herbal remedies and is often taken as a preventive measure against colds, flu and even heart conditions. It also is widely used as a treatment for low sex drive in both men and women. Studies suggest that ginseng effectively boosts the female libido and enhances the male erection. The recommended dosage of ginseng is 100 to 200 mg twice a day when taken in capsule form or no more than 1g of dry root daily.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba has long been used as a memory enhancer and as a supplement to boost overall brain function. Limited research suggests that ginkgo biloba also works as a treatment for sexual dysfunction in both men and women because it increases blood circulation. It has been shown to work especially well on antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction. The recommended dosage of ginkgo biloba is 50 to 100 mg daily when used to enhance sex drive. Other uses of the herb may require higher dosages.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is an extract of the fruit of the saw palmetto plant. It is believed to be effective in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as an enlarged prostate, and for overall prostate health. Many men who experience prostate problems also suffer from low sex drives as a result. For these men, saw palmetto may improve sexual function. Standard dosing for saw palmetto is 160 mg two times per day or 320 mg once per day.


Arginine is an amino acid that can be found in a variety of plant and animal sources. Although arginine is produced by the human body, extra arginine taken in supplement form is believed to improve sexual function in both men and women. In fact, this amino acid is considered to be a natural alternative to Viagra. While there is no universally recommended dosage for arginine, two to three g per day is commonly suggested.


There are many products on the market that claim to increase sex drive safely and naturally. As a general rule, however, most of these claims are not verified by the Food and Drug Administration and may not be accurate. In fact, some of these herbal “cures” can be downright dangerous. It is always important to talk to your doctor before beginning any herbal regimen.

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