Diet Tips for a Gym Workout
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Diet Tips for a Gym Workout

You know that exercise is an important part of good health but aren’t sure exactly what you should or shouldn’t eat before you go to the gym to work out. Several foods can maximize your workout, and the timing of your food intake, both before and after exercising, also has an impact on the final result.

Eat Something

It is not a good idea to go hungry to a workout; however, stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods before walking into the gym can cause cramping and nausea as your exercise routine gets underway. Eating a meal a couple of hours before your workout and then sticking to small, lean, low-fat snack just before hitting the gym will ensure you have the energy to exercise while reducing the chance you will get sick during the workout.

Breakfast Is Good

Eat breakfast on the days that you plan to work out, according to the Mayo Clinic. Your blood sugar is typically at its lowest point when you wake in the morning, which puts you at risk for feeling lightheaded during your workout. Eating a breakfast that includes complex carbohydrates and some protein will stabilize your blood sugar, allowing you to work out without fear of passing out.

Follow-up Food

Eating after your workout is a good idea, according to the Mayo Clinic. Foods that are consumed within the first two hours after a workout will provide the most benefit. The snack or meal should include a protein and a carbohydrate. During the workout, be sure to remain hydrated by drinking water or a sports drink.

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