Ways to Improve Chances to Get Pregnant
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Ways to Improve Chances to Get Pregnant

While some women may seem to get pregnant without even trying, others have trouble conceiving. Like many other physical functions, reproduction requires certain elements to achieve the desired results. Overall health, as well as certain activities may limit your ability to get pregnant. Making changes in your lifestyle, including your sex life, may provide the needed boost to help you conceive. Although some cases of infertility require medical intervention, certain changes you can make at home may increase your chances of conceiving.

Lose Excess Weight

According to Pub Med, a digital archive provided by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, excess weight might affect a woman’s ability to conceive. Losing the excess pounds might help you get pregnant. Become more active to burn more calories. For instance, take evening walks around your neighborhood, rather than watching television every night. Consider joining a class at your local health club to lose pounds with friends. Consume a balanced diet that includes nutritious, low-calorie foods to help you drop those extra pounds that may be inhibiting your ability to conceive.

Schedule Your Romance

Have sexual intercourse during your most fertile times. The days just before ovulation provide the best chances for fertilization. While many women ovulate about 14 days after the first day of a menstrual period, some women experience irregular cycles, making it difficult to know when the ovaries release their eggs. Keep track of your cycles with a calendar or use another method for predicting ovulation, such as an ovulation predictor kit. This kit tests hormones in your urine, helping to identify approaching ovulation. Even if you find it difficult to predict ovulation, having intercourse every few days provides a good chance of making sure your egg meets up with waiting sperm.

Toss Your Smokes

Although you may find that smoking helps you relax and unwind, this habit may affect your ability to get pregnant. MayoClinic.com warns that tobacco can cause changes in the cervical mucus, keeping the sperm from contacting the egg. Eliminate this unhealthy habit to increase your chances of pregnancy.

Protect Sperm

Many things your husband does can affect the quality and health of his sperm. Encourage him to reduce his alcohol intake and to address his smoking habits. These two substances, especially combined, may damage his sperm. Getting rid of these habits may improve the amount and motility of his sperm. Have your husband help protect his sperm by encouraging him to take showers, rather than soak in a tub of hot water. Relaxing for periods of more than 30 minutes in water temperatures above 102 degrees F may lower his sperm count. Ask him to avoid other exposures to heat, such as Jacuzzi spas, saunas and steam rooms.

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