Costume Ideas for a Group of Girls
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Costume Ideas for a Group of Girls

Discover group-friendly costume ideas for a group of girls who want to dress up in similar or related costumes. They may want to dress in similar costumes for support or to stand out amongst others and easily identify one another. Whatever the reason, there are numerous group-friendly costumes for girls. Each of the girls should agree to the group costume theme to keep all the girls happy.


Young girls, teens or adults who enjoy a bit of fantasy can wear costumes that play off each other. Each girl can dress as a fairy, either from a particular story, making up your own ideas or representing something particular, such as a season or habitat. Superheroes, villains or a combination of the two provide numerous possibilities. Half of the girls can dress as their favorite female superheroes, while the other half dress as female super-villains–or they can all be heroes. Make up your own superhero costumes if you want to add your personalities and creativity. Alternatively, you can play off the good versus evil by dressing as angels and devils or choosing one side to represent.

Pop Culture

Pop culture provides an unlimited supply of ideas for costumes. Use your favorite TV shows, stories, bands or celebrities as inspiration. For example, each girl can choose her favorite princess or fairytale and dress as that character. Alternatively, the group can collectively decide on one story and dress as different characters from that story. Two popular stories are “The Wizard of Oz” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Each girl can choose her favorite reality TV star or characters from a popular TV show or movie.


Groups of people, in a general sense, provide a variety of possibilities. Your group of girls can dress as hippies with short floral-patterned dresses and knee-high boots, a group of cheerleaders–a squad or represent different teams, cops and robbers, old-school gangsters with pinstriped outfits and fedoras, pirates, sirens or military personnel–the same branch or different branches. Alternatively, choose a particular era and dress accordingly, such as 1970s disco queens or 1980s rock stars or workout video girls.


Dress as a group of objects if you aren’t into people or want something a little different. Each girl can dress as a different brand of soda, a different food group or particular type of food, such as fruit. Dress as something you use every day, such as grooming products. One girl could dress as shampoo, another as soap, someone else as a brush or something similar. Electronics and gadgets are another possibility. Each of the girls can dress up as a different cellphone or one girl could be a laptop, another a cellphone and a third a MP3 player.

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