Advantages of Child Adoption
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Advantages of Child Adoption

Adoption provides a solution for couples who cannot or don’t want to bear their own children. The adoption process can be long and expensive, but for a variety of reasons, adoption may be the best choice for countless couples, children and women with unexpected pregnancies. Consider the many advantages of child adoption.

Stable Home Life for Child

When a birth mother gives her child up for adoption, it’s often because she believes that another family will be able to offer a more stable life for her child. The adopting couple deeply wants a child and is prepared for the responsibilities that come with it. Adopting a child is expensive, so it shows a certain level of financial responsibility on the part of the adopting couple. This may afford the child more opportunities later in life.

Infertile Couples Can Become Parents

Some couples simply cannot conceive a child, even with the help of infertility treatments. This does not mean that the couple is not worthy of becoming parents. Adoption allows this couple to create a family.

Birth Mother Can Achieve Her Goals

An unexpected pregnancy may disrupt the birth mother’s plans for education, travel or career. She may deeply want children later in life but feel that she cannot yet provide the type of lifestyle that she wants for her child. Giving the child up for adoption allows her to achieve the goals that she may not have been able to achieve otherwise.

Adoptive Mother Doesn’t Have to Give Birth

Some women may have medical, physical or psychological reasons why they do not want to bear a child. Childbirth could place too much stress on a woman’s body, for example. Adoption allows her to become a mother without going through the stress and pain of pregnancy and childbirth.

Improved Fertility

Some believe that after adoption a woman may have an easier time conceiving. Though evidence currently suggests that there is no correlation between adoption and improved fertility, Psychosomatic Medicine suggests that these studies are flawed. It is possible that some types of infertility are related to stress. When the stress of trying to conceive ends, the couple can relax and will become pregnant.

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