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How Can I Get Pregnant Quickly?

If you and your partner have decided that now is the right time to have a baby, you are probably hoping to determine plenty of ways to get pregnant as quickly and safely as possible. While medical science doesn’t offer 100 percent guarantees when it comes to maximizing your fertility, doctors do offer a number of classic tips that can potentially help you get pregnant fast, notes MayoClinic.com.

Track Your Ovulation

You should track your ovulation if you’re hoping to get pregnant quickly, according to both MayoClinic.com and the BabyCenter. If you menstruate on a 28-day cycle, then your most fertile time frame is sometime between day 10 and day 17. Keep in mind, however, that some women have irregular ovulation cycles. If you have a longer cycle, then try to guess your most fertile period by subtracting 18 from the number of days in your shortest cycle.

Have Regular Sex

Regular sex is imperative to boost your chances of getting pregnant quickly, according to MayoClinic.com. Couples hoping to create a little bundle of joy should make love at least two to three times a week; there’s really no such thing as “too much” sex when it comes to conception. Also, if you’re tracking ovulation, make sure you are making the best use of this tool by having intercourse at least once daily during those days preceding your anticipated ovulation.

Watch Your Cervical Mucus

Watching your cervical mucus probably doesn’t sound very sexy. But keeping an eye on it can really boost your chances of conception, according to MayoClinic.com. If you are experiencing more slippery and increased vaginal secretions, this usually indicates optimal fertility. Check inside your vagina to determine just how thick the mucus is, especially if you’re not too handy with marking days on a calendar.

Have Sex in the Morning

If you and your partner aren’t night owls, then consider having more sex during the morning hours. A man’s sperm count is at an estimated 88 million in the morning hours and about 87 million during the evening, according to BabyCenter. But this difference is rather minimal in the grand scheme of things, so don’t get up extra early just to have sex; getting plenty of rest is important, too.

Eat Healthfully

Eating healthy is a critical key toward getting pregnant quickly and having an uneventful pregnancy and delivery, notes MayoClinic.com. Women who are underweight or overweight are much more prone to having difficulties conceiving. Eating healthy food, exercising regularly, limiting caffeine and taking prenatal vitamins can help you and your future child.

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