Bizarre But Real Baby Names
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Bizarre But Real Baby Names

“Readers Digest” reports that uncommon baby names are becoming ever more the norm. According to the magazine, nearly 30 percent of all babies born in 1950 were given one of the top 10 most popular names. Today, less than 10 percent of all babies are given one of these common monikers. Many modern moms, eager to help their tot stand out in a sea of conformity, elect to bestow uncommon names upon their infants.

Potent Potable Names

Naming a child after an adult beverage is hardly a new phenomenon, as children have born the names Brandy and even Champagne for decades, but some modern parents are taking this trend to even higher levels and adopting alcoholic brand names for their tots. “Reader’s Digest” reports that one couple opted to name their baby Amstel, after the popular beer brand. The couple explained that along with making reference to their favorite drink choice the name also reflected the family’s German heritage.

Animal Names

When parents decide to take a walk on the wild side, they often settle upon names with animal origins. “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution” reports that parents within the state of Georgia regularly chose an assortment of animal-themed baby names. Georgia public records from January 1990 through July 2007 indicate that 1,572 babies within the state have been named Raven, 16 have been called Tiger, and there is one Panda.

Uncommon Spellings

Some parents want originality without abandoning classic names completely. These parents can accomplish this seemingly paradoxical task by taking standard names and adopting less than standard spellings. As “Reader’s Digest” reports, names such as TeaJai, pronounced TJ, are growing in popularity.

Career Inspired

Perhaps in an attempt to sway the future career choice of their far-from-work-age tots, some parents select names inspired by careers reports “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution”. Fourteen parents have registered their child as Judge, two as Artist and even one as Guitarist within the state of Georgia.

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