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How to Get Pregnant After Being on the Pill

After talking about it, thinking about it, planning it and preparing for it, you are finally ready to start trying to conceive. If you have been on birth control pills for all these years, you may be so used to the cycle of your birth control and wonder how long it will take to get pregnant. Be patient with your body as it returns to its normal state after the birth control stops.

Step 1

Talk to your doctor about your plans. Let him know that you want to stop your birth control and start trying to conceive. He can give you the best information about when you should stop. The best way to get pregnant is to get back on your regular menstrual cycle so that you can try to conceive during your ovulation days. Your doctor can tell you if you should finish your pills or stop immediately to allow your period to return.

Step 2

Stop taking your birth control pills, per your doctor’s orders. Use a backup birth control until your cycle returns to normal. Although you can get pregnant any time after you stop taking your birth control pills, waiting until your period returns will help your doctor calculate your due date.

Step 3

Chart your cycle, using an ovulation chart, for at least one month or cycle. This will help you know when you are ovulating and give you the first day of your cycle, to help your doctor determine your due date once you get pregnant. Also, knowing the day you ovulate will tell you the most effective day to try to conceive.

Step 4

Start trying to conceive once you have begun a new cycle and determined your ovulation days. Once you have these days written down, you can get pregnant with the best knowledge. You will know when to expect your next period and will be aware if you miss it.

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