Preschool Alphabet Learning Game
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Preschool Alphabet Learning Game

Learning the alphabet is just one skill children need to learn to read. Play and experiences are another. Most preschool age children are not yet ready for sitting and studying the alphabet and words. Using games and play will make learning the alphabet fun and educational for both you and your preschooler. Once you have this basic alphabet game mastered you can make it new by asking your child to create new rules for the game.

Step 1

Cut the paper into 26 2-inch squares, one square for each letter of the alphabet.

Step 2

Help your child write the letters of the alphabet with a crayon onto each square. Put each capital letter onto each square.

Step 3

Place all the paper squares with the letters into a paper lunch bag. Mix up the squares.

Step 4

Draw with chalk 26 circles, large enough for your child to stand in, on a 3-foot by 3-foot section of sidewalk. In each square, write one letter so that you have all 26 letters. Letters can be in order or scattered randomly, as you prefer.

Step 5

Instruct your child to stand near the circles but not inside the circles to start the game. Pull out a paper square from the bag and call out the letter. Your child has to find the letter on the sidewalk that you called out. You can change the game by having her jump, skip or walk slowly to the letter once she finds it. Continue pulling letters out of the bag until it is empty and she has found all the letters.

Step 6

Play the game as a race to see who can find the letter first when playing with more than one child. Another option for playing with many children is to have the children take turns finding the letters as you call them out..

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