Chances of Getting Pregnant at 40
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Chances of Getting Pregnant at 40

After four decades of life, you may have accomplished many of your goals, from relationships to career milestones, but there is still something missing in your life. If you are hoping to get pregnant after age 40, you should be aware of the journey before you. It may be a difficult one, but it will be worthwhile.

Chances of Conception

According to a May 2009 article on the March of Dimes website, more than one-half of women trying to conceive in their 40s will experience fertility issues. Depending on the individual, some of these can be remedied, while other women have permanent issues. As women’s bodies age, so do the eggs they harbor. This leads to the inability of some eggs to be fertilized, while others cannot attach or grow normally. Sometimes, a woman’s body ages and changes, making her reproductive system function more slowly or inconsistently. Sometimes, a woman’s hormones are off-balance, causing conception problems. Those over the age of 40 are sometimes not in their best physical shape or have developed other conditions, such as heart problems.

Get Some Help

One of the best ways to improve your chances of conceiving a baby is to get help as soon as you start trying to conceive. Visit a knowledgeable ob-gyn, with a specialty in fertility issues, and let him know that you want to have a baby. Don’t wait until you have tried for months or years before you see a doctor. Go in as soon as possible, and ask him to look for potential problems. Stay in touch with him through the months while you try to conceive. Also, have him check your overall health. Start eating healthily as soon as possible and get on a regular exercise routine. Take prenatal vitamins and give up alcohol, tobacco and caffeine as necessary. Give your child a fighting chance from his youngest days by taking prenatal vitamins, particularly folic acid. Don’t wait until there are potential problems to make changes.

Risky Business

If you want to get pregnant in your 40s, you should be aware that you run the risk of problems in your pregnancy. According to Providence Health Services, you have up to a 50 percent chance of a miscarriage. Furthermore, your risks of your child having chromosomal disorders increases after age 40. This further argues the need for immediate intervention from your doctor. Be aware of the risks and take whatever steps necessary to avoid them as early as possible.

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