Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Love Handles
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Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Love Handles

While the term “love handle” may sound positive, many possessors of these physical features don’t find them so desirable. This extra bulk around the midsection can make a major physical difference, causing garments to fit less flatteringly and your silhouette to lack the sleek, smooth look you desire. Although these waistline additions are often challenging to get rid of, with dedication to the task, you can reduce the size, and maybe even ultimately get rid of, your undesirable extra bulk.

Love-Handle Causes

Many moms who one day look into the mirror and find themselves with love handles wonder what caused these insidious attentions to appear. While, as with any fat deposit, love-handle development is partly a result of poor diet or lack of exercise, the possessor herself is not completely to blame for the appearance of love handles. According to Weight Loss and Training, love-handle development is partly because of genetics. If you are genetically predisposed to the development of love handles, you may have more of a challenge when it comes to getting rid of these little add-ons.

Dietary Cures

Before you start busting your tush at the gym, adjust your diet to prepare your body for love-handle loss. recommends that individuals working to get rid of their love handles start by limiting fried foods and refined sugars. To ensure overall body health, you should also drink copious amounts of water and eat fruits and vegetables regularly as these dietary elements lead not only to love-handle reduction but also to general health and weight loss.

Circuit Training

Fast-paced circuit training is a highly effective way of getting rid of your love handles, according to Weight Loss and Training. To complete circuit training, select an assortment of exercises and complete these in rapid succession, ensuring that your heart rate doesn’t drop from the start of your exercise until its conclusion. For example, a circuit trainer may start by running two laps, then immediately drop and do 20 push-ups, then stand again and complete a set or two of jumping jacks. By using a circuit-training approach, you ensure that you hit all of your major muscle groups and tighten any muscles that may play a part in your love-handle growth.

Power Training

Much like circuit training, power training focuses on working more than one muscle group to ensure that all of the muscles related to your love handles receive the workout necessary to drop this extra weight, according to Weight Loss and Training. Power training consists of working more than one muscle set at a time. For example, a power trainer may complete squats while holding weights to give both her legs and arms, as well as her core stability muscles, a workout. Try this option to speed up your weight-loss efforts, and you may find that it leads to the midsection weight loss you desire.

Plastic Surgery

Although it is few people’s first choice, as WebMD reports, liposuction can be a viable option for individuals whose attempts at love-handle loss are continually met with failure. While most people can lose their love handles through regular exercise and diet, for some this layer of subcutaneous fat is nearly un-bustable and medical intervention may be necessary for ultimate success. If, despite your best efforts, your love handles stay intact, consider your plastic surgery options as this method may be your only option.

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