How Long After Pregnancy Can You Get Pregnant Again?
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How Long After Pregnancy Can You Get Pregnant Again?

That little bundle of snuggliness leaves you with many feelings. You are probably proud, smitten, excited, overwhelmed, tired, happy, eager and contemplative. When he first arrives, the thoughts of birth are probably lingering on your mind, but as the days pass, you may feel more ready for another. Whether you are ready immediately or not, you should know that getting pregnant can happen quickly.

Physical Changes

After you give birth, whether naturally or through C-section, your body has a lot of changes to go through. The lining of your uterus will need to be discharged, which might take a few weeks. Furthermore, if you had any tearing, you might have stitches that might need to heal. If you had a C-section, which is major surgery, your body will need some time to heal.

Give It Some Time

If you had a natural birth, it might take a few weeks for your body to rid itself of the uterus lining and be ready for anything to be inserted. If you had a C-section, it may take even longer for your abdomen to heal before you can have intercourse. With a new member in your family, you will see schedules changing and might be extra tired after work. Take the time you need to get back into intimacy with your partner. Talk with him about how you are both feeling.

Leaving It To Chance

Despite how you are feeling, you can potentially get pregnant as soon as you stop discharging the uterus lining. Even if you don’t think you are back in your cycle, you could still conceive. If you are feeling out of sorts, this may seem impossible, but it’s not. If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t take your chances.


Many believe that, as long as they are breastfeeding, they cannot get pregnant. However, the New York City Department of Health reports that breastfeeding is not a foolproof method of birth control. Although it may decrease your chances, it is not a guarantee. If you want to prevent pregnancy, ask your doctor for a birth control prescription, as regular birth control cannot be used while breastfeeding, or use another method.


When considering having another child, you and your partner should discuss whether you are ready. Until you both feel comfortable with the idea, use a safe birth control. Once you are both ready, and your body is back in shape, you can start trying again.

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