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1980s Costume Ideas for Kids

Kids love Halloween–candy, costumes, trick-or-treating–the whole holiday is exciting and fun. One of the most difficult decisions kids have to make each year is what to be for Halloween. While Spiderman and Princesses dominate the scene most years, look to the 1980s for some different ideas that will make your child’s costume stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Pop Diva

Big hair, gaudy jewelry and lacy, funky clothing were all the signature style of pop star divas in the 1980s. This costume is inexpensive and easy to piece together from items your daughter probably already has in her closet, or items that can be found at thrift stores. The perfect outfit pairs knee-length leggings under a short frilly lace or crinoline skirt, worn with either metallic flats, short boots or low Converse-style sneakers. A loose-fitting lace tank top layered over a T-shirt and a string or two of brightly colored plastic beads and matching large hoop earrings complete the outfit. Hair should be worn in a high, side pony tail with a large decorative bow and big, curled bangs. Short hair looks cute with a headband. To pull the whole look together, wear either bright pink or red lipstick, sultry black eyeliner and smoky eyeshadow. Added accessories include short, lacy finger gloves and plastic bangle bracelets. The motto for this look seems to be, “more is better,” so don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories and colors.

Rocker Dude

Long, tousled locks and tight-fitting clothes were the standard looks for rockers in the 1980s. Little rockers who want to replicate this look for Halloween will need a long-haired wig, shiny pleather or loud animal print pants, high top sneakers or boots and a snug fitting T-shirt. Bandanas and head scarves were a favorite accessory worn as headbands. Complete the look with a few temporary tattoos, thin strips of fabric made into knotted bracelets, a neck chain and plastic guitar or microphone.

Cartoon and Movie Characters

Popular children’s characters of the time were Care Bears, My Little Pony, Transformers and Strawberry Shortcake. These characters have made a come back in the 21st century, so they are easily found through online retailers, such as ZoogsterCostumes.com, or you can try your hand at making your own. To make a Strawberry Shortcake costume, use a temporary red dye on your child’s hair or buy a red wig. A costume can easily be made from contrasting red and pink clothing items, such as a red dress, pink tights and red shoes. Makeup includes a sprinkling of light freckles and soft red lipstick. Older kids might appreciate such classics as Ghostbusters. A pair of tan coveralls, a black backpack fitted with black hoses and gadgets and a drawing or a patch of a ghost with a red line through it will make this costume easily recognizable to any 1980s movie buff.

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