Parenting Introduces A New Level of Connection
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Parenting Introduces A New Level of Connection

As a father, I feel connected to my community in a way that I never thought was possible. From the moment I let my parents know that my wife was pregnant, a new level of trust, respect, and connection was opened to me. This has been true with my in-laws, my colleagues, my friends, and people I just happen upon throughout the day. I suppose this makes sense, considering the level of trust that Spirit has bestowed upon me as a father.

I Could Be Out Changing the World

At first, I was overwhelmed by the new level of membership that I found in the world. To be honest, I did not fully trust this sudden bonding that I was experiencing. For a long time I felt like I was moving backward. I was becoming a family member again, after years of being on the outskirts of town. As an artist and a curious minded person, I had seemingly shunned the straight life. I never saw myself as someone who would browse through Babies R US, or push a stroller around town, when I could be out changing the world.

I Was Being Changed

Somewhere along the line, a funny thing happened for me. I found that I was changing, that I was being changed. My inner life was coming to the surface and I was staring at many limiting beliefs that I had been carrying with me about what it meant to be a good person in this world and who was to blame for all of the problems that we face on the planet today.

The Ego

I am reminded of something a wonderful teacher of mine once said. He told me that the ego loves the idea of change, loves the idea of awakening, loves the idea of enlightenment. The ego loves these ideas all the way up to the point of change, awakening, and enlightenment. At that point the ego becomes scared and will do anything it can to prevent us from moving forward into greater levels of awareness, compassion, and love.
I have found this to be true. My son has turned out to be my daily reminder to get up and live fully, love fully, explore who I am and what I am capable of becoming.

Connecting to My Self

This level of connection to life is really about connecting to my Self. That is what I was always seeking in books and philosophies, in ecstatic experiences, and in far away lands. Now I have a great teacher in my own home and a connection with my world that allows me to be of greater service as I learn who I truly am.

About the Author

Edward Biagiotti, M. A. Spiritual Psychology, shares practical insights and tools on the subjects of parenting, education, and connecting with children. He has been working and growing in the field of education for the past 12 years, and is the father of an amazing 7 year old boy. Edward enjoys writing, speaking, consulting, and learning about parenting, education, and connecting with children. His writings and additional information can be found at and he can be contacted for booking at .

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