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Baby Names and Their Nicknames

For some parents, the nickname with which a proper name can be paired plays as much into the name decision-making process as the official name itself. When you explore all the different options, you and your partner will be able to discover a name and nickname pair that suits your taste.


Henry is a popular British name with royal roots, as a number of kings with this name have ruled the nation. Perhaps it is only fitting that the name itself means, “home ruler.” Many parents who select Henry, opt to call their child by the less formal name Hank.


Elizabeth is another regal name that is rich in nicknames. Parents who select this name, which means “God is my vow,” can select from a variety of nicknames. These include Liz, Beth, Betty, Betsy and Eliza.


The name Oliver comes from a French word meaning “elf army.” Many parents who select this name choose Ollie as the nickname.


The Greek name Alexander presents parents with a host of nickname options. Parents who select this name, which means, “defending men,” may elect to call their child by the nicknames Alex, Al or Zander. This name isn’t only for the boys, as it has several female variants as well, including Alexandria and Alexander.


The name Virginia is more than just the name of a Southern state. Parents who select this name, which means, “maiden,” may choose to use Ginny as a nickname.


The name Jennifer has long been a popular selection. This name, which means “white and fair,” can be shortened to Jenny or Jen with ease.


Catherine is a popular female name choice. This name, which comes from a Greek word meaning “pure,” is often shortened to sassy nicknames including Cate, Cat, Cathy or Cath.


Margaret is another name of Greek origin that presents parents with an assortment of nickname options. This name, which means “pearl,” is commonly shortened to names like Maggie, Madge, Greta or Margie.

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