What to Wear to A Graduation? This!
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What to Wear to A Graduation? This!

Have graduation ceremonies coming up and don’t know what to wear? Our fashion editors scoured the web for the most current yet timeless looks, so you can look effortlessly stylish at your upcoming event. 

Whether it’s an elementary school graduation or a University graduation, this is a fool-proof way to go!

A Sweet Summer Dress

Graduation ceremonies are mostly outside and the ranges of “dressiness” vary. Pick a versatile color and dress the look up or down. Also, you want to go flirty but not “too” flirty — make sure your dress isn’t going to raise any eyebrows, you don’t want to be the person that wore something too short or showed too much skin. Add a cardigan if it’s cooler or a wrap for a dressier occasion. Going to a party after the ceremony? Throw on some higher heels and take your cover-up off.

A Blazer

A blazer is a great way to make your look a little bit more conservative, and particularly at a University or even a high school graduation, this is a good idea. You can always add some funky jewelry like a variety of bracelets on one arm or oversized earrings and a cocktail ring to sass up the blazer look. Rolling up the sleeves does wonders too. If you are wearing a more fitted dress, wear a boyfriend blazer as they tend to be roomier. Stay away from wearing both things tight. If you’re wearing a loose dress, pick something more fitted to give you some shape. Later at the party, you can toss the blazer and just wear your dress.

Heels or Flats?

What kind of shoes should you wear to a graduation? It’s likely that high school graduations will be outside, so if you do wear a heel choose something that won’t get stuck in grass — nothing too spiked. It’s nice to wear a heel if you’re attending a more formal graduation, and if you’re wearing a simple colored dress pick a colored heel like yellow or red as your stand-out piece. You can absolutely get away with flats too, especially at a more casual event.
These are our picks because you can wear them with jeans too and they are super comfy.


We are over holding clutches or oversized bags. It’s all about the cross-over bag: Just throw your keys, your cell phone and a lip gloss in a cross over bag and you are hands free! Best of all, you don’t have to put your bag on the ground, in the grass or on your seat – and then forget it later.
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