Get Your Yellow On!
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Get Your Yellow On!

YELLOW. It doesn’t have to be a scary color! In fact, as summer’s hottest trend, this color is taking the world by storm — not just in the fashion sphere, but everywhere. And it’s not confined to a single palate either — canary, banana, sunshine, buttercup, and lemon are just a few of the shades of this multi-dimensional tint. There’s a reason this playful hue is popular: it’s the color of sun, sand, happiness, and friendship…and everything you’ll own from here on.

You Can Totally Pull it Off

Let’s start with the basics. Yellow is so easy to wear! Seriously, everyone looks good in this color. Say you’re out shopping and you see a shirt or dress you really like. Try it on in yellow! A piece in this color instantly adds pizazz to your wardrobe and totally spring-ifies any outfit.

Balance It Out

If you’re not wearing yellow or it’s only an accent color in what you’ve got on, try some bold gold-hued jewelry. Gems, beads, cords, chains — yellow is the perfect color for anything from a statement necklace to soft accent earrings. Chunky accessories with a lot of personality are super fun and trendy, but gentler pieces (like jewelry with gems or translucent beads) do the job just as well when paired with the right outfit.

You WILL Look Great

No matter your skin tone, yellow is going to work for you. Don’t go crazy or anything (stay away from highlighter yellow beads on a gold chain with mustard-colored dangling charms…yikes!), but experiment with colors! It’s fun, I promise.

Foot Friendly

Don’t forget about your feet: You may be thinking it’s too late for you to go yellow — maybe you’ve already got a fully stocked closet and besides, you’ve never really like yellow anyway. Well, I’m here to divulge a secret: shoes. Shoes can spice up literally any outfit. You may be wearing something totally normal, colorless or bland even, but duet a pair of yellow or gold wedges with a mundane wardrobe and you’ve revamped your whole look in as long as it takes you to slip those kicks on your feet.

Your Purse Is A Reflection of You

Now to the purse. Purses are super important, every girl knows this. Most women try to buy a purse that will “go with everything” — don’t believe the lie that your purse much be completely matchy-matchy with your clothes. It’s just NOT true. Any time you tote a brightly colored bag, it becomes part of your outfit just like a bracelet or belt does. Why carry a boring brown hobo when you can sport a yellow leather satchel (and be the recipient of stares of envy as you strut down the cereal aisle at the grocery store)?! Yellow is a great color for a purse and an even better hue for a clutch. That’s right, mommies who like to hit the town at night or carry something small and elegant — get yourself a shimmery or patterned clutch or wristlet and not only will you never lose it, but it’ll surely grab the attention of all the eyes in the room.

Flowers in Your Hair

If you’re going for something soft and feminine, try a headband. They are fabulous for keeping hair out of your face without having to throw up a ponytail, plus they’re super cute this season. A headband with flowers or ribbons looks precious in yellow, as it’s a summery color to begin with. And don’t forget to protect your eyes — yellow shades are the perfect accessory to a summer day.

A Yummy Shade

Yellow does not have to be reserved for your body…this color makes everything look cute! Go for a bike ride on a yellow beach cruiser and you’ll be looking like the quintessential California girl, no matter where you’re from. Take it to the kitchen, where you can make chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies (my favorite!) in your buttercup flavored standing mixer. Delicious and adorable.

Yellow House Fever

Bring yellow into your home with painted furniture, curtains, or sheets. A dresser or vanity in this shade can be just as classy and classic as any other. Answer your retro yellow telephone and open your drawers using lemon-colored rosette drawer pulls while you’re at it! Yellows and golds in the house do not have to be tacky — just use common sense and you can live in a pretty, as opposed to frighteningly bright, atmosphere.

You’ll Love It If You Try It!

Perhaps I’m a little biased — yellow is one of the colors worn and adored by my beloved UCLA Bruins — but I think this shade is fabulous and I’m so glad I’m starting to spot it everywhere I go! Do yourself a favor: put on something the color of a singing canary and you’ll instantly be happier. Works like a charm!

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