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Modern Mom's Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation is an exciting time for the graduate. New things are coming! You, as a friend, parent, sibling or other relative, are could not be more proud. But what gift do you shower your favorite graduate with to show them how truly proud of their accomplishment you are? It’s hard to know what to buy! Never fear, ModernMom has got you covered. Whether you are buying for a boy or a girl, a high school grad or a college grad, we’ve got some great ideas.

For A High School Grad:

1) Anything for their dorm- try patterned sheets (always extra-long twin) or funky alarm clocks. 2) Book bags- every student has to carry those textbooks somehow. 3) For a girl, try a real, grown-up purse -she can’t carry a Paul Frank Monkey Bag forever. 4) A camera- every college student needs a camera to commemorate what will inevitably be the best four years of their life. 5) Victoria’s Secret PINK personalized collegiate sweatshirt.

High School Grad Splurge:

Want to really show your high school grad you care? Get them a bicycle. It’s very practical also something they will really enjoy. Especially if they are not planning on having a car at college, this bike will be their lifeline!

For a College Grad:

1) Get them something for after-college travels- try a toiletry bag, a backpack or guidebooks. 2) They’re going straight into the work force? Get them a gift certificate for a suit, a computer bag or a briefcase. 3) Something that’s always fun? An alumni license plate frame so they can represent their school on the roads. 4) Any college grad is probably moving into their first real apartment- get them some pots and pans, a spatula, anything to help make the transition from Top Ramen easier.

College Grad Splurge:

Easy. It’s what every college grad wants: A trip. Send them somewhere. Help them buy a plane ticket, a train ticket, whatever. They will be so grateful and so happy. Not to mention, a trip will open their eyes to a whole new world and hopefully make them appreciate what they have been blessed with.

For Any Grad:

1) An engraved i-Pod. The engraving on the back is free. Write “Congrats Suzie” or “UCLA 2010” on the back. They will be thrilled. 2) Any kind of engraved jewelry is always appreciated. It’s pretty and personalized. 3) A new wallet- any grad can use one. 4) We saved our best gift suggestion for last. No matter what, this one is always the right color and the right size. No one will complain about this present: MONEY. Yep, you can’t go wrong with some good old fashioned cash.

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