Puj Tub
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Puj Tub

blog post photoThis is the best baby bathtub I’ve seen yet! The Puj Tub is all about simplifying parenthood with its minimalist design. What mom doesn’t need something simple in her chaotic lifestyle?

This lightweight tub is simple to use and portable. You could easily bring it to Grandma’s house or on vacation to wash your little one. It cradles your baby comfortably in the bathroom sink (no more bathing in the kitchen!), so it doesn’t take up any counter space.

When bathtime is over, you just toss out the water, unfold it and hang it up to dry on a hook or lay it flat and wipe it with a towel. You can stand up comfortably and wash your baby without straining your back, like conventional baby bathtubs sometimes require.

This tub makes bathtime fun for you and your baby. It’s simply perfect.

It’s only $39.99 at Amazon.com

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