Online Jobs for Moms
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Online Jobs for Moms

The advent of the Internet and computer technology has led to a new world of job opportunities. Because employees can now be connected by emails, video and instant messaging and online work spaces, workers can be anywhere, collaborating and creating together. Online jobs provide great opportunities for moms who have infants who need to be held or toddlers who can play at their feet while they work.


As companies struggle with downsizing and cutting costs, they often find virtual assistants and work-at-home professionals to be the answer. If you have office filling, bookkeeping and other secretarial experience, you may want to consider offering your services to various businesses. If you can only find a few small projects, you can fill your day with a handful of clients. However, some businesses may need someone full-time to keep up with online paperwork, databases, scheduling and other day-to-day tasks. Talk with your clients about the hours you work each day. If they need you to be on-call throughout the day, you may need to work a normal 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. shift. If you need to work on projects after hours, you may choose to work when your kids go to bed.


If you have a creative streak or professional expertise, you may find freelancing to be the perfect situation for you. You might offer your writing services to clients around the country who need grants, proposals, cover letters, resumes, web copy, brochures or any number of projects. Graphic designers and artists can create websites, logos and marketing copy for anyone, anywhere. Those with law, finance or other professional experience might consult with large and small businesses around the country, through the Internet and Skype.


If you are getting ready for maternity leave or are just tiring of your office job, you might want to think about a telecommuting situation with your current job. Instead of giving up on your job, in the face of a new life as a mom or a crazed schedule, continue proving yourself in this position. Talk with your boss about letting you work from home. You can use video teleconferencing services for weekly or monthly meetings. You can email projects and instant message with other employees just as if you were at work. Your boss may be hesitant, but remind him that you are already trained and well-versed in the job. Hiring someone else will only slow down his production. Once you get settled into your schedule with your kids, you can be just as productive.

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