What Women’s Suits Are Hip for a Job Interview?
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What Women’s Suits Are Hip for a Job Interview?

You sent your resume, and you finally secured an interview for your dream job. If you have been at home with your kids for years or have grown accustomed to the attire of your current workplace, you may be wondering what would be best. Choose a professional, polished look that will tell your potential employer that you have the drive and savvy to perform the job — whatever it is.

Skirt Suit

The best uniform you can choose for your job interview is a skirt suit. This alternative to a man’s suit incorporates a skirt instead of pants, with a jacket and blouse. Look to your favorite department store or women’s clothing store for a stylish, classic suit. Choose a dark, neutral color, such as black or dark navy. The best suit to invest in is a classic design that won’t go out of style quickly. If you have an interview approaching and need a new look, purchase a new blouse to wear under your jacket. Skirt suits are the most traditional option, calling for conservative styling. When you shop for a skirt, try it on, sit down in it, look at it in a mirror and walk around in. Make sure your whole thighs stay covered and you don’t drift into a provocative look, which will ruin your professional look. Wear comfortable, stylish, black high heels.


If the idea of wearing a skirt makes you nervous or seems really inappropriate, such as in a construction zone or a place where you will climb stairs, you can consider a pantsuit. Think through this decision thoroughly, however. Even if the employees don’t wear skirt suits, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Interviews are highly professional business meetings, calling for a dress code higher than the dress code for employees. However, if a skirt will be truly inappropriate, choose a pantsuit. Look for one that is tailored to your figure and still feminine, without being flashy. Choose a neutral, dark color and small, if any, prints.

No Suit

There may be some rare opportunities when you want to choose an outfit other than a suit. If you are applying for a highly creative or fashion-driven job, you may want to put together an outfit for yourself, rather than purchasing one off the shelf. Be careful doing this. Your outfit should remain as professional and polished as possible. Choose a dark, conservative color with pants or skirt and a jacket. If you want to add a splash of color to your outfit, consider your accessories. Bright shoes, a patterned scarf or ascot or a fabulous handbag can complement a suit without being too creative.

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