8 Creative and Kid-Friendly Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs
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8 Creative and Kid-Friendly Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

So you’ve boiled the eggs – now what? Before you go out and buy that cheap egg dying kit from the nearest grocery story, take a look at some of these tips to make egg decorating even more fun with your kids.

Add a little twist to this Easter ritual with some of the following ideas we?ve collected from other creative minds. Get those artistic juices flowing!


Before dying the eggs, allow your kids to draw designs on the eggs using crayons. Then, mix together a tablespoon of white vinegar and some food coloring and place the eggs in the dye for a minute or so. The crayon will resist the dye and create fun, interesting designs on the eggs.


Here’s another mess-free option that can be used with younger kids. Buy a bunch of fun Easter-themed or springtime stickers and forget the dye altogether.

Rubber Bands

Wrap rubber bands around the egg before dipping it into the dye. After letting the egg dry, you can remove the rubber bands to reveal an intricate pattern in white where the bands held off the dye.


Make your boring egg into a cute critter by using materials like felt, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes to create bunnies, chicks, and other springtime characters.

Washable Marker

This option may be better for little ones that may get too messy with dye. You can give them full control to decorate the eggs how they like without staining their hands.

(Drawn, not dyed!)


Add a little sparkle to your egg dying process. Mix together white glue and water and dip your eggs into the mixture before rolling them in glitter. Or, opt for a more simple technique with glitter pens.

Oil and Food Coloring

Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the vinegar and food coloring mix and dip your eggs in multiple colors for a cool marble effect!

Ribbons, Gems, and Lace

Use whatever tactile materials you have around your house to add a fun 3-D touch to your eggs.

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