Fun Easter Games Everyone Will Love!
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Fun Easter Games Everyone Will Love!

Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt, but you can?t hunt eggs all day!

Set up some other fun games that are destined to be a good time for everyone. Of course, some of these games are best suited for young ones and others work for young and old but surely, there?s something for everyone.

Here are some ideas to start you off:

Easter Twenty Questions

Pick an item, whether it?s a person, place or item, that?s related to Easter and have all the children ask yes or no questions to try and guess what it is. This is a great game because it has a 20 question limit so it?s not too short or too long. It?ll hold everyone?s attention and everyone gets to participate (especially if you go in a circle and make everyone ask a question).

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Pin the tail on the donkey has always been a party favorite so why not use it for Easter? Instead of a donkey, make a bunny. Blindfold the kid and have each one pin a cotton ball tail onto the bunny. The one who gets it closest to the mark gets a prize!

Egg & Spoon Race

After you finish dyeing Easter eggs, put them to use and hold an egg and spoon race! Put the egg on the spoon and have each child carry the spoon in their mouth to the finish line. For a little bit of a challenge, make it a relay race!

Easter Egg Faces

Instead of just dyeing your eggs, why not transform them into real people? Create a fun little competition by buying a few googly eyes, markers, and other materials. Tell everyone that their mission is to make their egg look like a celebrity of their choice. The adults can participate, too!

Make an Eggstimate!

Fill up a jar with egg shaped candies and have each kid make a guess as to how many are in the jar. At the end of the day, reveal who made the closest guess and reward them with the candy.

Easter Bunny Says

It?s just like Simon Says?but with an Easter Bunny instead. For example, ?Easter bunny says hop on one foot? or to fool a few people, try saying something like ?eat a chocolate egg!? and see how many kids fall for it. If it?s older kids that are playing, try doing a lightning speed edition of Easter bunny says to keep them on their toes.

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