CARES Kids Fly Safe
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CARES Kids Fly Safe

blog post photoIf you’re planning on traveling with your kids this summer, I highly recommend this safety product called Cares — it saved me on a recent flight with my two-year-old daughter: I was dreading carrying all the gear plus that heave car seat for the plane. 

This amazing invention is a strap that is secured to the actual plane seat.  It attaches into the buckle and over the back of the seat chair.  easy to install (like 2 minutes) and placed my DD  into the seat for the flight.  I’m nervous enough about flying with all the kids, now with one less thing to schlep, I was thrilled!  Mom / grandma invented and  FAA approved device. It’s perfect for 22-44 lb kids and will make you feel totally relieved about flying. Get it for $68

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