Tips on Packing for Air Travel
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Tips on Packing for Air Travel

Packing for any trip presents a challenge, but packing for air travel is even more difficult, as you must ensure that your luggage meets airline regulations or risk fines and airport security hassles. As you prepare to take to the air for your next escape, keep in mind a few basic air travel packing tips to ensure that your experience is as positive, and hassle free, as possible.

Get a Wheeled Suitcase

You will likely have to tote your bags a long distance before checking them when you head off on your flight. Make dragging these bags through the airport a bit easier by selecting a wheeled suitcase.

Follow Airline Weight Limits

Many airlines impose strict limits on luggage weight. Checking luggage that exceeds the weight limits could land you hefty charges that may take a bite out of your vacation budget. To ensure that you don’t have unexpected fees levied upon you, obtain information on your airline’s specific weight restrictions. Use your bathroom scale to ensure that your bags do not exceed this figure.

Pack Liquids in Checked Luggage

Due to increased airline security measures, travelers must abide by strict regulations that dictate how much liquid can be carried onto a plane. To avoid the potential headaches associated with measuring and packing your liquids to fit within these limitations, pack your liquids, including shampoos and other toiletries in your checked bags.

Select a TSA-Approved Lock

While airport security does use X-ray technology to see inside bags without opening them, there are times in which security must get into bags to check the contents more thoroughly. Make it possible for the screeners to gain access to your bags without cutting your lock by selecting a Travel Securities Administration-approved lock. These combination locks also contain a key slot that can be opened with a universal TSA key. By placing one of these locks on your bag, you can ensure that while thieves cannot gain access to your bag, security personnel can.

Take an Extra Bag for Vacation Purchases

Many travelers come back from their trips toting more luggage than they left with. If you think that you will be making purchases while on your trip, prepare to take them on the plane with you by tucking an extra bag away in your luggage. Select a bag that meets your airline’s luggage size requirements and folds flats for easy storage in your suitcase.

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