Christmas Mantle Decorating Ideas
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Christmas Mantle Decorating Ideas

The fireplace through which Santa will enter the house is a logical Christmas focal point. Before all eyes turn to this room feature, dedicate some time to the decoration of your mantel. By carefully selecting decorative pieces on this area, you can make your fireplace even more aesthetically pleasing and spread some holiday cheer.

Red and Green Natural Delights

Use natural elements to reflect the dominant hues associated with this holiday on your mantle. Begin your mantel decoration by covering the mantle surface with sprigs from an evergreen or a row of petite potted evergreen trees. Add red to your display by placing attention-getting pomegranates, bundles of berries or artificial red poinsettia blossoms among your greenery. Allow your collection of items to spill over the edge of the mantle place, giving your fireplace a holiday makeover.

Dear Santa Letters

Make your mantle a walk through Christmases past by preparing a dear Santa letter display. To create this design, create copies of the letters that your kids compose to Santa. Frame each letter in a frame, and place it atop your mantle. Create curls of ribbon, and place them around the letters to give your display the look of a holiday gift. At the end of each year, pack away your framed letters. As the years go by, continue to add to your letter collection, displaying both the current letters as well as the ones from previous years. As you continue this tradition, your mantle display will give visitors the opportunity to see how things have changed over the years.

Good Deeds Mantel

Get your kiddos involved in the decoration of your mantle by creating an “I’ve Been Good” mantel. Cover it with winter greenery or shiny tinsel. Give your kids slips of red cardstock, and ask them to write down things that they have done that should have earned them a place on Santa’s “nice” list. For example, your son could write, “Helped Mom with the dishes.” Encourage your kid to fill out as many of these good deed cards as possible. After completion, nestle these cards among your mantel greenery or garland.

Winter Wonderland Snowmen

Turn your mantle into a winter playground this holiday season. To create this mantle, cover your mantle surface with a synthetic snow blanket, cut to fit. When cutting your snowy material, leave overhang around the edges so that the snow droops down as real snow would, covering some of the sides of your mantle space. Add piles of loose synthetic snow, creating hills of snow to give your snow display a more realistic look. Finish off your mantle by adding a collection of artificial snowmen. When placing your snowmen, vary the heights, putting tall men next to shorter and mixing snow women and children into the display to add excitement and depth to your display.

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